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Discover the perfect houseplants to breathe life into your home, elevate your outdoor spaces with seasonal decor that reflects the spirit of the season, and find the most vibrant annual plants to adorn your garden. At Beacon Gardens, we're not just about greenery; we're about creating moments of natural beauty.

Enhance your gardening experience with our selection of top-quality fertilizers and stylish plant containers. And for those seeking a touch of vintage charm, explore our curated collection of antique furniture that adds a unique character to your garden oasis.



At our garden center, discover a stunning array of houseplants, featuring tropicals and shade-loving varieties. Bring the beauty of nature indoors with these captivating additions to your home.


Beacon Gardens offers a fantastic variety of annual plants, with a fresh selection for every season. With

top-notch quality and a kaleidoscope of colors, these blooms are sure to infuse your garden with vibrant textures and hues.


Potting soil, Compost and Fertilizers

Discover our selection of Coast of Maine organic soils and a variety of fertilizers. We also have peat moss and an array of colorful mulches to enhance your gardening experience.

Plant Containers

At Beacon Gardens, we provide a diverse range of plant containers, catering to various sizes and materials. Whether you're looking for a cozy home for your houseplants or spacious options for outdoor greenery, we've got you covered.

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